2002 LOL District Champions!

For over twenty years, the MIDNITE WATCHMEN have traveled the region and nation performing their unique style of barbershop harmony. As a perennial leader in the Land O'Lakes District of SPEBSQSA, finishing 3rd in 2000 and 2nd in 2001, they finally captured the district championship in October 2002 in Fargo, North Dakota.

They spend an enormous amount of energy performing high-quality shows to delight, entertain, and sometimes "astonish" even themselves. Who sang that note? What was that word? How do I stop laughing, and warn me next time you tell a new joke!!!!

Meet the Members of the Midnite Watchmen

Singing lead is Dan Heike from Mondovi, Wisconsin. He is the "thinker" of the group and has been known to come up with some strange and uniquely entertaining lyrics to some traditional favorites. If you're one of the many Midnite Watchmen followers, you'll recognize this famous quartet quote: "Oh no, Dan's been thinking again." In addition to his dedication to barbershop singing, Dan also expends a huge amount of energy on both of his careers as a dairy farmer and auctioneer. He has been known to milk cows, conduct an auction, catch a plane, breathe (also know as "sucking in air"), and sing a show, all in the same day!
(email: djheike@hotmail.com)

Singing baritone is Randy Lieble from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. As the "time management expert" of the group he is constantly making lists. His current "Things to Do" list, in no particular order, includes sing, golf, hunt, golf, fish, golf, say "hello" to wife and kids, golf, sing, exercise, golf, church activities, golf, yardwork. Oh, and did we mention golf? When not able to find an appropriate absentee excuse, he occasionally stops in to work as a CFO (Counterproductive Financial Officer) at a small appliance company.
(email: lieblerj@charter.net)
Singing tenor is Brian Kowalke from West Salem, Wisconsin. Brian is better known as the "quiet" one. It's been a work in progress, but Brian is finally starting to come out of his shell. His closest friends now come running to support him with his social skill development when they hear, "Help! I'm talking and can't stop." Now, is it that they run toward him or away from him? Hmmmmmm! Brian began singing with the Midnite Watchmen early in 2001. He already has two district champion pins and brought a huge amount of talent to the group. When not performing, you'll find him busy managing a grocery business and doing what he can to make sure the quartet is appropriately fed with highly "nutritious" meals of pizza, chips, donuts and "soda."
(email: briankmr2@aol.com)
Singing bass is Steve Mendell from LaCrosse, Wisconsin. Steve is the "newest" member of the quartet and quickly discovered why the Midnite Watchmen has survived all these years -- when grouped together they are of "one" mind. Not a great one, just one. Steve also brought a wealth of new talent to the group as he has two district champion pins plus he has had success on the international stage. His claim to fame (off stage) is that he can eat more pizza than three normal barbershop basses combined. When not singing, he works diligently as a manager of a tool company and as a dedicated father to his two small children.
(email: skamwbass@yahoo.com)

So, sit back, smile, and enjoy an evening packed with musical entertainment by the Midnite Watchmen.

We'll be here 'til Midnite! (at least)

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