2008-2009 Doolie of the Year
at the U.S. Air Force Academy

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"Doolie of the Year" is awarded to the outstanding doolie (freshman) at the Air Force Academy. It is determined by performance in every aspect of the Academy: academic, physical, military/leadership, and competency with doolie duties. Out of a field of 1250 doolie cadets, each of the 40 cadet squadrons nominate one doolie for this award. After reviewers narrow the field down further to four doolies, an interview helps determine the ultimate winner.

Ben Arneberg and the "Doolie of the Year" trophy

Ben Arneberg and retired NASA flight director Gene Kranz , most noted for his efforts in saving Apollo 13. Having been obsessed with the movie Apollo 13 as a boy, Ben was excited to finally meet one of his unconventional boyhood heroes.