Information about the proposed Chippewa Falls Prison

This web page is for gathering some information about the proposed Chippewa Falls prison. The purpose is to get as much information out in the open as possible. No matter what your view is on this, you'd have to agree that more info is better than less, right?!

Mailing List

We now have a mailing list! If you want to keep informed on this issue, please consider joining our list. You can unsubscribe automatically any time you want if you don't like it. The goal of the mailing list is to keep traffic low -- it's a list for occasional announcements, not for debates or discussions.

The mailing list is primarily for those who are opposed to the new prison, but you are welcome to join and listen in if you are not sure where you stand yet. To join the list, just send email to

Chippewa Falls Wards

You can now find out which "ward" you live in by looking at this online map.

Wisconsin Department of Corrections documents

Newspaper articles

Letters & press releases

Upcoming Meetings

Day Date Time Place Event
Monday June 7 7:00 pm Lafayette Town Hall Lafayette Town Board Meeting
Tuesday June 15 7:30 pm CF City Hall CF City Council Meeting

Whom to contact

Chippewa Falls Aldermen (ward maps)
Ward Name Address Phone Email
1st Howard Schroeder 103 Fair St, CF 723-8456
2nd Nathan Berg 316 1/2 W. Cedar St 720-4113
3rd Nicholas Thornton 722 Superior St 726-0550
4th Phares Butler 211 Pine St 723-0455
5th Gerald O'Driscoll 115 S. Prairie St 723-7863
6th Arlan Bergquist 621 Wilson St 723-4944 (N/A)
7th Tim Burley 733 Lynn St W:720-1519, H:720-0496

Joint Finance Committee
Martin.Machtan Rep.Albers Rep.Duff Rep.Gard
Rep.Huber Rep.Kaufert Rep.Riley Rep.Ward
Sen.Burke Sen.Cowles Sen.Decker Sen.Jauch
Sen.Moore Sen.Panzer Sen.Plache Sen.Shibilski

Other Political Leaders
Name Title Phone Email
Tom Sykora State Representative 726-9397
Larry Balow State Representative 832-0808
Virginia Smith Chippewa Falls Mayor 726-2734
Dave Zien State Senator 720-2300 or 608/266-7511
Tommy Thompson Wisconsin Governor 608/266-1212

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