Benjamin Arneberg's Graduation/Sendoff Party

(Read Ben's valedictorian speech)

Whether or not you can join us at Arneberg Acres for Ben's party, please write to him if you know him. Cadets in boot camp CRAVE letters -- it is their only link to the outside world during those six weeks (June 26-Aug. 7). Send snail-mail (letters only, no packages) here:

Cadet Benjamin Arneberg
P.O. Box 2694
USAF Academy, CO 80841
If you just cannot bring yourself to write a paper letter and find a stamp, there is an alternative. I set up an email address just for Ben at boot camp. No, he can't get to a computer, but I plan on printing out emails sent to this address and snail-mailing them to Ben a couple times a week. (They'll also get forwarded to his normal email account, so that he may be able to reply to your email after boot camp.) If you want to encourage Ben this way, just send email to:
Send a message to Ben:

NOTE: If you want to get occasional updates from Ben (I'll type in things that he sends me via snail-mail), send a blank message to this address:

Receive updates from Ben:


Here's a map to the grad reception:

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Note: After boot camp (Aug. 7, 2008), if you need to send a package via FedEx or UPS and need a non-PO box address, you can use this:

Cadet Benjamin Arneberg
2302 Cadet Drive, pob 2694
USAF Academy, CO 80840-2694

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