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As a Linux user, I am only interested in radio stations that broadcast with RealPlayer. Here are a few talk radio shows that I've found so far:

Station/link Syndicated shows/times (Central time)
KSTP-AM (Minneapolis/St. Paul) Joe Soucheray -- Garage Logic (2-5pm)
Dave Ramsey Dave Ramsey -- (1-4pm)
WOGO (680 AM) Laura Ingraham, Michael Medved
KTLK (100.3FM in Twin Cities) Rush Limbaugh (11a-2p), Sean Hannity (2-4p), Jason Lewis (4-6p)
Business Talk Radio Bruce Williams (podcasts)
WABC-AM (New York) Rush Limbaugh (11a-2p) ; Sean Hannity (2-5p) ; Laura Ingraham (7-9p)
WLS-AM (Chicago) Rush Limbaugh (11a-2p) ; Sean Hannity (6-9p)
WBAP-AM (Texas) Rush Limbaugh (12n-2p) ; Sean Hannity (2-5p) ; Mike Gallagher (9p-12m)
Sean Hannity (source) Sean Hannity (24 hours a day repeating 3-hour show)
WRSC (doesn't work) Mike Gallagher (8a-10:30a); Bill O'Reilly (11a-1p) ; Tony Snow (1-2p)
Web Talk Guys
Other talk radio stations at
Wisconsin Public Radio
Minnesota Public Radio

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