Show Choir Contest

Saturday, March 16, 2002
Altoona High School, Altoona, Wisconsin

I went to my first-ever Show Choir contest last Saturday. I was blown away! All of the show choirs were MUCH better than I had anticipated!

I had my Olympus 2100uz digital camera with me, so of course I took a few pictures (274, to be exact). Sorry I didn't take pictures of all the choirs, but I did get at least some of each of the groups I saw that day:

(You can click on a thumbnail to get a medium-sized shot and enter a slide show that you can click through, and you can click on a medium shot to get a large hi-res 1600x1200 shot that should yield a decent printed photo up to 8x10.) (You can upload to and get photo reprints for only $0.26 for 4x6 to $2.96 for an 8x10.)


Tom Arneberg