Twin Cities Bronze in Chippewa Falls

On Thursday, August 15, 2002, the famous Twin Cities Bronze handbell choir came to Chippewa Falls, Wiscsonsin for a performance for a WBCCI rally on the grounds of the Northern Wisconsin State Fair. The group now includes Jeanne Marie Rylander (formerly Jeanne Marie Thomas), a friend of mine from Ramsey High school. So I had to take lots of pictures! ;-)

It was the worst photographic setting possible -- not only were the faces unlit, but the background was a white wall that WAS illuminated! So I had no choice but to use flash for most of the pictures. I did take a few without flash, to purposely blur the hand motion as the bells are being rung, just to see what it looks like.

If anyone cares, the camera used for these shots is an Olympus c2100uz. And you are among the first users of the software I wrote to create the web-based "slide show", called "Mopfish", so I'd appreciate any feedback on that, too.

P.S. -- we finished the evening by having the entire group over to our house for hot fudge sundaes afterward!! A great end to a great evening.

- Tom Arneberg
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(128 images in this set)

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