Pictures of the 10-year reunion of Alexander Ramsey High School Class of 1978, Roseville, MN

June (??), 1988
Sheraton-Midway (?)

(Click on any picture to make it four times bigger)

(1) Bob Anderson, ?, Dan Holiday, Julie Dvergston, Craig Murphy

(2) ?

(3) Frank Weiss, Bill Garry, Mark Melberg, Larry Warkel

(4) Dave Esch, Tom Harding

(5) LeAnn Olson, Katherine Badian, John Swesey

(7) Bill Anderson, Greg Flesher, ?

(8) ?, Paul Kielb

Cris Plummer, Greg Schmedeke, Mark Benson, Carol Siedenkranz, Doug LeMay

Barb DeRosier, Mike McDonald, Julie Christianson

Doug LeMay, Greg Schmaedake (sp?)

John Sanocki, Jean Kelsey, John's wife, Steve Schugel

Laurie Gilliland-Girard, Lisa Caledecott

Linda Tracy-Gehrig, Ed Anderson

(15) back row, L to R: Barb Beck, Julie Johnson, (don't know?), and Jeanne Christensen. Front row: Sharon Eliason

(16) Mary Snyker, Terri

Kim Bentfield-Kafka

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