This page holds links to information about the DOAV: "Daughter Of All Vacations." DOAV was our three-week family vacation to the east coast with our five kids in June 2005, in conjunction with my sabbatical from SGI. The name was a take-off from our MOAV ("Mother Of All Vacations"), which was our nickname for our six-week trip to the west coast in 2000 (back in the good ol' days when SGI sabbaticals were twice as long).

Since this trip was chronicled in our local newspaper, we get asked for advice on family vacations. The biggest thing is to "just do it!" It doesn't have to be very expensive...we got by for $22 per day per person in Washington, D.C.! And in New York City, we paid only $70 per night for a spot for our pop-up camper with a view of the Statue of Liberty. (I'll bet you didn't know you could sleep for $10 per night per person so near Manhattan!)

Our final score was 19 states visited, 4361 miles driven, 335 gallons of gas used, 21 days on the road, and 4398 photos taken. (Don't worry, I narrowed down the photos to the Top Thousand in the links below!)

Here are some links to more information about our trip:

Part 1: Wisconsin to Washington, D.C. article photos (1)  
Part 2: Washington, D.C. article photos (2a) photos (2b)
Part 3: Virginia Beach, New York City article photos (3a) photos (3b)
Part 4: New England, Canada article photos (4a) photos (4b)

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