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The MHBQA is intended to be an informal association of "active" mixed quartets. It is not intended to be a group with lots of rules, nor is it intended to be an organizer of competitions. You may belong to MHBQA as a mixed quartet, as a VLQ, or simply as an interested individual or couple. The main requirement is to have fun singing together in mixed harmony, either in barbershop style or building upon the techniques and styles we have learned through singing barbershop to create new and exciting mixed harmonies. The purposes the association serves are:
  1. To maintain a roster / mailing list of active mixed quartets.

  2. To act as a clearing house for the exchange of ideas & experiences unique to the mixed quartet performing mode (eg PR, performance packages, arrangements, costuming, etc.). This is done via the newsletter, plus irregular informal get-togethers (at district and international SPEBSQSA Conventions, and MHBQA campouts.)

  3. To explore potential resources for assisting with barbershop harmony exposure in school systems (Presentations have already been made by several Association members. Mixed quartets are especially useful for introducing barbershop at the high-school level, since most high school music programs have mixed choirs; many also have all-girl groups, but few initially have all-male groups.)

  4. To hold get-togethers, but NOT contests. This can be a regional campout or an all-day sing-fest at someone's home, an informal hour or two at a district or international convention, or a week on one of the MHBQA-sponsored cruises or tours, participating in the mixed chorus and in the quartet contests.

  5. To share the fun of singing together.

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