Alexander Ramsey High School
Roseville, Minnesota
Class of 1978

Home Pages of Graduates

Here are links to the home pages of Ramsey grads -- just click to go to one of them:

Anderson, Loni (class of '66? '68?)
Anderson, Richard Dean (class of '68) ("MacGyver"!)
Arneberg, Jim (class of '80)
Arneberg, Margie (class of '76)
Arneberg, Tom (class of '78)
Berger, John (class of '80)
Boche, Laurie (class of '79)
Brown, Linda (class of '78)
Boyd, David (class of '78)
Cowles, Bob (class of '78)
Emmons, Dave (class of '80)
Gamble, Jim (class of '78)
Girard, Dan (class of '78)
Linebarger-Salzl, Beth (class of '78)
Michon, Cathy (class of ??)
Olson, Kelvin (class of '80)
Rhode-Philips, Norine, (class of '78)
Solfest, Ron (class of '78)
Snyder, Tom (class of '79)
Taylor, Timothy (class of '78)

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