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I've always enjoyed reading opinion columns. In December 2002, I started writing my own column for the Chippewa Herald newspaper in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. I am a "community columnist," which means that I haven't quit my day job, so I can write about any topic I want, on any schedule I feel like. (Talk about pressure! ;-) Of course, they prefer that the columns be of local interest, so I usually try to comply with that. Here are the archives of the columns I've written to date, in reverse chronological order (which seems to be the way Real Columnists do it):

Publication date # Subject Headline
07/20/2015 #122 Health Update "Bucking conventional wisdom leads to better health"
05/07/2015 #121 West Point parachuting (& NYC) "New York visit offers plenty to see"
06/26/2014 #118 Dominic Marticorena preparing for Philmont "Philmont or Bust for indomitable Scout"
06/11/2014 #117 Wings of Blue USAFA parachute team "Comeback Kid now has Wings of Blue"
05/20/2014 #116 Bike To Work Day "Bike to Work Day an ordeal"
03/23/2014 #115 Ben's wedding "Spring break in...New Jersey?"
03/06/2014 #114 Winter clothes "There's no such thing as bad weather"
02/19/2014 #113 New Year's resolutions
01/12/2014 #112 The year in quotes "Brownies are not for the living"
10/21/2013 #111 Saying goodbye to David's car "Rest in peace, Arnecar"
10/09/2013 #110 Weight loss (Hacker's Diet) "I guess I'm just a "slow loser"
08/29/2013 #109 Boundary Waters "Sometimes you have to do hard things"
07/18/2013 #108 Biking home from Edina "A new centurion is born"
06/20/2013 #107 Commuting by bicycle "Long commute is best part of my day"
05/16/2013 #106 Weight Loss "I Discovered the Secret to Weight Loss!"
04/11/2013 #105 USAFA "Recognition" "Academy gets easier after Recognition"
02/17/2013 #104 New Year's Resolutions (Excercise) "How did I do on 2012 resolutions?"
12/??/2012 #103    
12/03/2012 #102 USAFA Doolies "Doolie gets brief respite from Academy life"
11/12/2012 #101 Debt "Crazy uncle needs financial help, fast!"
09/26/2012 #100 100th column! "90,000 words later..."
08/26/2012 #99 Boy Scout bike trip to Brunet Island "Tow rope helps Scout finish bike trip"
07/29/2012 #98 256-mile bike trip to Dells "Beating the heat on family bike trip"
07/01/2012 #97 Jasper going of to USAFA "Our middle child is about to be forged by fire"
06/14/2012 #96 Air Force Academy graduation "Air Force Academy graduation quite an experience"
04/25/2012 #95 Science Olympiads
03/25/2012 #94 Learning how to run "Can you PR a 5K race in the snow?"
02/07/2012 #93 Boy Scout Klondike Derby "Klondike Derby brings out the best in Scouts"
01/22/2012 #92 New Year's Resolutions "Gadgets help keep New Year's resolutions on track"
12/28/2011 #91 Arneberg Argus kids' quotes "You learn something new every game"
11/23/2011 #90 First Thanksgiving "First thanksgiving was all about capitalism"
10/09/2011 #89 Steve Jobs's passing "Steve Jobs was a true revolutionary"
03/26/2011 #88 "Construction Challenge" competition "What happens in Vegas hopefully comes home"
12/31/2010 #87 Arneberg Argus kids' quotes "Look up -- it's like going into lightspeed!"
10/09/2010 #86 Weather and Obamacare "Let's just write laws that make us happy!"
07/18/2010 #80 Boy Scout backpacking in the Rockies "We're going to PHILMONT!"
04/07/2010 #79 Health Care (sarcasm) "Spread the car wealth around"
01/25/2010 #78 Arneberg Argus kids' quotes "Does he EVER stop talking?"
08/30/2009 #77 Superior Hiking Trail "North Shore backpacking nirvana"
07/26/2009 #76 Stan Williams "Stan Williams used his music to help others"
06/??/2009 #75 Preparing for BWCA (to be uploaded)
03/16/2009 #74 China, part 3 (to be uploaded)
03/09/2009 #73 China, part 2 (to be uploaded)
03/05/2009 #72 China, part 1 (to be uploaded)
02/28/2009 #71 Singing Valentines 2009 (to be uploaded)
02/12/2009 #70 Sleeping in the snow "Sleeping in snow not as bad as it sounds"
01/21/2009 #69 City vs. woods "Getting into the woods helps your brain"
12/30/2008 #68 Arneberg Argus kids' quotes "Maybe it's not such a small world after all"
10/16/2008 #67 Forced into marching band Ben: "Hard as it is to admit, parents are sometimes right"
10/04/2008 #66 Poker and Fannie Mae Bailout "Betting without risk can lead to big problems"
09/18/2008 #65 Air Show Camporee "Blue Angels -- and Scouts -- persevere through lousy weather"
08/17/2008 #64 Bike trip to Lambeau Field "A tale of two bike trips"
07/02/2008 #63 Ben's last day at home "Off he goes, into the wild blue yonder"
05/07/2008 #62 Goodbye, Mighty Whitey "Saying goodbye to an old friend is always tough"
04/06/2008 #61 Chi-Hi talent show "Chi-Hi seniors find a whole new world on stage"
03/26/2008 #60 Spring Break in California "Spring break 2008: California, here we come!"
02/23/2008 #59 Singing Valentines "Singing Valentines are sweeter after four-year absence"
02/13/2008 #58 Winter Scouting "Winter weather doesn't stop outdoor Scouting fun "
01/14/2008 #57 Building an igloo "A well-built igloo should last the whole winter"
12/27/2007 #56 Arneberg Argus kids' quotes "Teenagers are God's gift to mankind"
11/07/2007 #55 Marching Band parents "After finding niche, some band parents are hooked"
10/10/2007 #54 Pet dilemmas (mice) "Some pets are born to cause dilemmas"
09/22/2007 #53 Bike trips "Traveling by bicycle can leave you two-tired"
08/22/2007 #52 Driving to Fargo "With one state left, we drove to Fargo...on purpose"
07/05/2007 #51 Biking to Duluth "Biking to Duluth goes well after slow start"
06/21/2007 #50 Weddings and funerals "Life comes full circle in Chippewa Falls"
05/16/2007 #49 Digging a backyard hole "'Recreational hole' is a summertime tradition"
04/22/2007 #48 Digital cameras "Digital cameras offer more choices than ever"
03/15/2007 #47 Cars & cell phones for teenagers "Teens learn quickly when it's their dime"
02/28/2007 #46 iPod for home stereo "iPod was worth the wait, even for a cheapskate"
01/10/2007 #45 Road trip to Florida "Forced time-off means road trip to warmer climes"
12/23/2006 #44 Arneberg Argus kids' quotes "THEY should pay US to listen!"
11/20/2006 #43 Eagle Scouts "Eagle Scouts are a special breed"
10/25/2006 #42 Band trip "Former members are the unsung heroes of the Marching Cardinals"
09/30/2006 #41 Bicycle paths "Chippewa Valley blessed with great bike trails"
08/26/2006 #40 Backpacking tips "An old dog can still learn new tricks for backpacking"
07/31/2006 #39 CHIPS Quartet "Daughter's kidney donation reunites barbershop quartet"
03/27/2006 #38 Basement/Menard's "Basement project leads to long hours at home improvement store"
03/01/2006 #37 Regional spelling bee "These bees can keep you spellbound"
01/16/2006 #36 Bus crash web page "Bus crash web page preserves memories of October week"
12/31/2005 #35 Arneberg Argus kids' quotes "Is BLUE precious in his sight?"
10/22/2005 #34 Greenhalgh funeral "Wake, funeral unite a city -- now rhythm of life goes on"
10/18/2005 #33 Chi-Hi Bus Tragedy "Chippewa Falls has lost a legend in Doug Greenhalgh"
10/01/2005 #32 Tom Thumb Donuts "Tom Thumb Donuts are the sweet spot of the Minnesota State Fair"
09/08/2005 #31 Jugheads: Youth Juggling "Youth jugglers are coming to town"
08/13/2005 #30 Commuting by bike "Summer commute gets longer but better"
07/28/2005 #29 DOAV, part 4 "Daughter of all Vacations, part 4: New England, Canada"
07/27/2005 #28 DOAV, part 3 "Daughter of all Vacations, part 3: Virginia Beach, NYC"
07/26/2005 #27 DOAV, part 2 "Daughter of all Vacations, part 2: Washington, DC"
07/25/2005 #26 DOAV, part 1 "Daughter of all Vacations, part 1: WI to DC"
05/07/2005 #25 Digital cameras "What to do when it's time for a new digital camera"
04/09/2005 #24 Family Time "Want more family time? You have choices!"
02/17/2005 #23 Backyard Ice Rink "Backyard ice rink is fun -- for a week, anyway"
12/23/2004 #22 Arneberg Argus kids' quotes "Dogs make the best pillows"
08/19/2004 #21 Family Vacation "Great American Road Trip still alive and well"
06/30/2004 #20 Gasoline Prices "With gas prices, we should let the free market work"
04/17/2004 #19 Alternative Minimum Tax "'Mandatory Maximum Tax' amounts to double taxation"
03/03/2004 #18 Quartet Singing Valentines "Singing Valentines are a blast, even if you don't break even"
02/18/2004 #17 Shoveling snow "Who needs a snowblower when you have the amazing scoop shovel?"
02/01/2004 #16 SPAM "It's possible to love the SPAM, hate the spammer"
12/20/2003 #15 Arneberg Argus kids' quotes "Kids' quotes are taking over the family Christmas newsletter"
12/06/2003 #14 Proofreading "Novice columnists need good proofreaders"
11/08/2003 #13 Backpacking in Taylor County "You can really build character on the Ice Age Goat Path"
10/22/2003 #12 Email! "How do I love email? Let me count the ways"
10/01/2003 #11 Sparta-Elroy Trail "We finally made it to the Sparta-Elroy bicycle trail"
09/10/2003 #10 Naming cars "Doesn't everybody name their car?"
08/27/2003 #9 Eating raw garlic "Maybe the miracle cure is right under your nose?"
07/17/2003 #8 Digital Cameras "Digital cameras are here to stay (but buy the right batteries)"
05/03/2003 #7 Boy Scout backpacking "Boy Scouts brave another expedition on the Ice Age Trail"
03/05/2003 #6 Quartet Singing Valentines "Delivering singing Valentines more fun than receiving them"
01/29/2003 #5 Bush tax cuts "Tax cuts naturally benefit those who pay more"
01/02/2003 #4 Arneberg Argus kids' quotes "Kids' quotes make Christmas newsletter an easy job"
12/23/2002 #3 Poignant trip to Florida "A hastily planned Florida reunion ends up bringing a family together"
12/07/2002 #2 Digital cameras "Pure Water Days Parade ignites love of digital photography"
12/02/2002 #1 Boy Scout backpacking "The bigger the challenge, the more Boy Scouts like it"

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